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The Muse Program September 2022

On June 16th 2022, we celebrated Youth Day by honouring the South African youth of 1976, and celebrating and encouraging the youth of today.

It also happened to be the end of Muse Afrika's very first youth empowerment program, The Muse Program. After much positive feedback from the young participants, Muse Afrika has decided to have a second program!

The Muse Program is a youth empowerment program that encourages young people to stand up against social issues that they are passionate about, doing what they can to play their part in making the world a better place right now instead of waiting for the future.

We are discouraging the idea that it is solely the future that belongs to young people as we believe that it robs the world of the value that young people have to add right now as a very result of being young. Young people have so much value to add to the world that no else can. It's about time the world give young people their stage.

September's Muse Program will be encouraging young people to contribute what they can to the resolution of Gender-Based Violence by making use of one of three sectors, being the film and media sector, the technology sector, or the policymaking sector. With the mentorship of experienced professionals from each field such as the PR Councilor at the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, Kwena Moloto for policymaking and co-founder of a safety and security app called Eyerus, Rob Bentele for technology, the young participants will not only grow in their knowledge of the field, but learn how they, as young people, can use if for the greater good.

Applications for the program will be running from Monday, June 20th to Monday, August 15th. Applicants will be expected to fill in the following Google Form to apply:

The program itself will run on a weekly basis from September 15th to October 27th. If you have any further queries regarding the program, or would like to get involved in any way, please feel to contact us at

We are so looking forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you all the best until then.

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