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"According to The United Nations Population fund (2020) gender- based violence undermines

health, dignity, security, and autonomy of victims of its victims. Yet it remains shrouded in a

culture of silence. Society fails to acknowledge the prejudices and crimes committed to women. It has been normalized in our society to turn a blind eye towards these injustices due to the power inequalities between men and women. This research will look at screen dance as a medium of social awareness: a practice based research on screen dance as a paradigm of action for GBV awareness in South Africa. It is screen dance that looks at the body as an entity to express forms of oppression/human violations and violence. It will look at radical choreographic forms of dance which will be based on addressing the physical and emotional consequences of GBV, in which the body will be a canvass where violence is explored. It is a response to the sexism that is embedded in our society and how society puts expectations on women. It will take on a series of intervention based screen dance screenings that each with a specific frame of GBV. The aim is to promote awareness for GBV through screen dance. There needs to be a platform where the voices of women are heard, where we can share stories about the violation of woman's rights." - Sasha-Lee Setzin

The following is a piece curated by Sasha-Lee Setzin for her honours degree.

A true work of art.

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