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Muse Afrika 2022: Who Are We?

Good Day All,

We are Muse Afrika, a youth-led Gender-Based Violence (GBV) organisation that drives change through youth empowerment initiatives. Since its inception in 2020, we have run a toiletry drive, food drive, and stationery drive for the Thokoza community, Barnato Park High School, and Uitkoms Home for girls. We have hosted a 4-part GBV webinar series for 2020’s Women’s Month, a project which saw diverse members of our human community come together to explore the complexities of GBV in South Africa.

We are currently working on producing a GBV program that focuses on empowering young people to become active problem-solvers of the issue at hand. We have once again gathered our community of mentors and industry professionals to help guide selected participants through the ideation, creation, and production phases of their GBV solutions. These solutions will be focused on either one of the following three sectors: Policymaking, Film and Media, and Technology.

As Muse, we are incredibly excited to continue and grow in our fight against GBV. We are an organization founded and led by the youth, and hence are extremely passionate about mobilizing youth to become part of communities changing. The power of the youngster is an inexplicable euphoria, one that has helped us through 2020, creating positive impact and the pessimism of reality. We encourage you to use your power and join us as we move to achieve a feminist and fair South Africa for all who live in it.

Thank you!

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