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Our Story 

Muse Afrika is a non-profit company that is founded and led by young African women who have channeled their frustration with Gender-Based Violence (GBV) into the drive to achieve a safe South Africa for all women. The organisation was founded during a pivotal time in our world’s history, in which Gender-Based Violence was deemed the second pandemic to Covid-19 in South Africa. The countless crimes committed against females during and before the 2020 nationwide lockdown, catalysed a string of protests across the country as well as the birth of Muse Afrika.

Our heart is rooted in the belief that South Africa’s full potential can only be realised with genuine economic and social equality between the sexes. Furthermore, we believe that this reality can be achieved if we as an organisation utilise the power that is embedded in South African youth, by running initiatives that will attain the eventual freedom of women. 

Muse Afrika invites our country and the world to step into the revolution for women’s rights to a life free from all forms of violence.

Our Vision

Muse Afrika hopes to be the creators of a flourishing and feminist South Africa in which, the illustrations within our constitution pertaining to gender equality are transformed into a reality constructed by the hands of our youth. 

Our Mission

Our organisation works to fight Gender-Based Violence through the stimulation of conversation, the education of our generation, and the sourcing of necessary resources. We intend to adopt action that will contribute to the reduction of violence, as well as increase GBV survivors’ accessibility to support systems that meet their psychological and physical needs. Additionally, Muse Afrika is committed to being a creator of partnerships that will foster the supply and implementation of policies and programs that aim to protect and promote the holistic well-being of the South African woman.

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