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Social Impact: GBV Webinar Series

Sighs of Relief…

In South Africa, the month of August is dedicated to two things: Game drives and women. Our last month of autumn commemorates 20 000 diverse women who in 1956, protested the enforcement of pass laws on females.

In celebration of this, Muse Afrika ran a webinar series that aimed to spark a fresh and original conversation centered on GBV. The series featured a group of diverse and qualified panelists who shared their various opinions on the root causes and solutions of the matter at hand.

The experience of each session brought incredible insight to our viewers and humble team of 5, as we explored new dimensions to the repetitive social conversation around Violence against women.

What a privilege it was to be there!

What a privilege it was to be a woman!

What a time to be alive!

I remember too fondly the hours we spent laughing and working through the process of preparation. I remember each voice of suggestion; each corrected mistake.

We felt the best kind of exhaustion and the worst kinds of conflicts. We were in love with our files and spreadsheets. We gave it everything we had and had 5 sighs of relief.

5 prideful sighs of relief!


Thank you

The full episodes can be found on our YouTube channel! (

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