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Outreach: Face Masks Donations

Muse Afrika’s initial outreach project was proudly sponsored by Resultant. The proceeds consisted of face masks and were donated to the girls and families of Barnato Park High School.

We recognize how incredibly fortunate we were to have had our shared history pave the path for our first step. The connection between Muse and Barnato Park was made possible through Roedean School – the high school formerly attended by the Muse team. We are beyond grateful to all the parties involved for giving us the opportunity to claim our power through generosity and kindness, in a time when the world felt helpless against invisible enemies.

As an organization we cannot wait to progress through our journey with the South African youth and better understand the complex issue of Gender-Based Violence through outreach efforts and sustainable education programs. Today, it was a handful of masks. Tomorrow, maybe 2 handfuls of pads… until eventually we are truly hand-in-hand, nurturing the legacy of an empowered South African people.

We invite you all to step into our world and MUSE.





‘To become a source of inspiration for good change’

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